One School to Change the Future

9 Ntemi Piliso Street, Johannesburg, 2001 • Phone: 011 728 0959

A Record of Excellence

The compelling account of over 20 years of unprecedented success at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment by Ashley Deans, Ph.D.

Based Education offerings in
South Africa Grade 8 to Ph.D
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Welcome to
Maharishi Invincibility School of
Management in Johannesburg, South Africa—
One School to Change the Future

We are Developing Leaders with Heart in the Heart of the City

You are invited to take advantage of this cutting-edge educational opportunity. Our new secondary school will open its doors in January 2022.

  • a state-of-the-art private day school in Johannesburg City
  • CAPS curriculum framework with IEB matriculation exams.
  • setting out to set new standards in holistic education at school level
  • a non-profit organisation, structured within the Maharishi Invincibility Institute

Special Features of the Maharishi Invincibility School of Management:

  • Stress-free, supportive learning environment—your child will reach new levels of happiness and wellbeing; students learn the Transcendental Meditation® programme;
  • First high school in South Africa with a focus on business, developing executives, managers and leaders, as well as computer science and the digital and green economies producing highly employable graduates;
  • Finest Teaching Faculty, an experienced Headmistress with highly qualified and distinguished faculty committed to offering your child the very best academic, personal, and vocational education possible. Our teachers are less stressed than the norm;
  • Revolutionary Consciousness-Based education promotes optimal learning, enhanced brain development where every student succeeds;
  • Opportunities of a Lifetime, including trips into nature;
  • State-of-the-art Technology and Information Resources: Cutting–edge knowledge in every field of learning
  • Total Knowledge based curriculum will be unsurpassed in relevance and excitement—all disciplines are connected back to the student to make learning easy and meaningful;
  • Beautiful and peaceful campus in the heart of Johannesburg; fully owned by the school;
  • Campus will be smoke, alcohol, bullying, drug and weapons free;
  • Getting ready for the Real World means your child can go from Grade 8 to an MBA in Management in one institution, and have an unsurpassed knowledge of the economy and financial markets;
  • Organic, vegetarian meals with emphasis on fresh foods;
  • The thrill of Entrepreneurship and Creativity in action: every child will get the opportunity to dream and test out their own ideas.

Your child will grow in the most marvelous ways as a human being, will find new peak levels of happiness and well-being, and become a dynamic and successful business leader of tomorrow. Our unique educational programme is focused on developing business and management excellence in each and every student.

This school will change the face of what secondary education can achieve, as part of the growing global network of Maharishi schools.

We invite interested parents and faculty, to participate in this historic beginning—we’re truly excited! We think you will be too!

Email or contact us at:

Maharishi Invincibility School of Management



Maharishi Invincibility School of Management
9 Ntemi Piliso Street
Maharishi Invincibility School of Management
PO Box 61930



011 492 0005
or, Call the Principal directly on:
063 165 6207



Many of the pictures used on this site are from our Maharishi School and Maharishi University of Management campuses located in Fairfield, IA, USA.