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Highlights of Achievements

It should be noted that the Maharishi Schools and Academies throughout the world have an open admissions policy. There are hundreds of schools throughout the world who are producing extraordinary results. A sample of these achievements from the United States and England are listed here:


Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa
wins 2007 World DI Competition.

In the past decade, students at Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa have won more than 100 state titles in science, speech, drama, writing, poetry, spelling, art, photography, history, mathematics, chess, tennis, golf, track, and Destination ImagiNation, a national and international creative problem-solving competition.

Academic Achievements:

  • Students in Grades 10–12 score in the top 1% nationally, and in Iowa, on standardized tests (ITED)
  • 95% of graduates are accepted at four-year colleges
  • The school has over ten times the nation’s average for National Merit Scholar Finalists over the past seven years

Achievements in inter-scholastic competition:

  • State Record: 46 state championships in creative problem-solving competitions Destination ImagiNation and Odyssey of the Min
  • World Record: Three-time winners of the Global Finals of Destination ImagiNation, and more top-ten finishes than any other school in the world
  • First Place: American High School Math Exam, Iowa Division, four years in a row
  • First Place: Five first-place finishes, Iowa State History Fair, Senior Division
  • First Place: Ten first-place finishes in the senior division of the Eastern Iowa or Hawkeye state science fairs
  • Grand Champions: Eight grand champion awards in the past decade in the junior division of the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair
  • First place: Twice winner of the state spelling bee
  • First place: 2005-06 Iowa State Long Jump Competition
  • State Record: Most Critic’s Choice State Banner Awards for speech in the past decade
  • National Champion: Bravo Cable Channel High School Theater Competition
  • State Record: Congressional Art Competition, “An Artistic Discovery,” grand prize three years in a row
  • First Place: Iowa Poetry Association’s high school contest
  • First Place: Iowa “Young Writer of the Year” award
  • State Champion: Iowa Junior Chess Championship
  • First Place: Iowa Educational Media Association (Photography)
  • Grand Prize: International Photo Imaging Education Association competition
  • First Place: 2005-06 International Photo Imaging Education Association competition: 1st place out of 6,000 images
  • State Champions: 16 boys tennis championships in the past 15 years, more than any other school in this period.


Maharishi University of Management is a fully-accredited university in Fairfield, Iowa. The University periodically participates in the nationally standardized American College Testing (ACT) alumni survey. This survey, conducted by ACT, reports that Maharishi University graduates are far more satisfied with their college education than graduates from over 1,000 participating U.S. colleges and universities.

Would you choose this college again?
percentage responding “definitely yes”

  • 73% Maharishi University alumni
  • 32% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for your continuing education?
percentage responding “exceptionally well”

  • 66% Maharishi University alumni
  • 12% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for your present occupation?
percentage responding “very well”

  • 64% Maharishi University alumni
  • 29% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for caring for your own physical and mental health?
percentage responding “very much”

  • 86% Maharishi University alumni
  • 22% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for working cooperatively in a group?
percentage responding “very much”

  • 78% Maharishi University alumni
  • 43% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for speaking effectively?
percentage responding “very much”

  • 72% Maharishi University alumni
  • 39% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

How well did this college prepare you for working independently?
percentage responding “definitely yes”

  • 67% Maharishi University alumni
  • 51% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

Has this college education improved your quality of life?
percentage responding “definitely yes”

  • 90% Maharishi University alumni
  • 67% Other colleges’ alumni — National norm

Consciousness-Based Education is now shown to produce a very high level of Academic Achievement, remarkable success in inter-scholastic competition, and a great sense of well-being in the student.

ENGLAND Maharishi High School, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

The Maharishi School was ranked as one of the top twelve schools (out of 4,400) in terms of qualifying scores in college entrance exams. The percentage of students qualifying for college is twice that of the national rate and the Maharishi School has three times the national rate of students achieving the highest possible score on these tests.

When the GCSE* results were released on August 23, 2007 students at the Maharishi School were delighted to find that they had ALL achieved five or more passes at grade C or above.

In fact, 100% of the passes were at grade C or above compared with a national average of 63%.  Even more astonishing is that almost 66% of the passes were at the highest grades of A or A*; this is over 3 times the national figure of 19.5%.

But the Maharishi School is about much more than examination results.  A former student of the Maharishi School, Ben Cross, puts it this way,

“Following the completion of a BSc (Hons) in Genetics (1st class) at the University of Manchester, I am now reading for a PhD in Biochemistry, conducting research into the biosynthesis of complex proteins.

I attended the Maharishi School for my entire school life and found the experience to be absolutely life-defining. It is a school unlike any other and provided me with the broad and open-minded education that enabled me to embark on a successful scientific career.  More than this however, my time at the Maharishi School helped to frame my appreciation of life and showed me where to look for happiness; I wouldn’t change a day of it.”

*GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams are the standard final school exams in each discipline, which are taken at all English schools by 16-year-olds if they wish to go on to college or university.

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