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…just a few of the great men and women who through their example, led mankind to greater heights of thinking and living…

Nelson Mandela

Desmond Tutu

Thomas Edison

Steve Biko

Abraham Lincoln

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Walt Whitman

Martin Luther King

Dalai Lama

Developing Leadership for South Africa

The twenty-first century requires wise leaders and managers who can:

  • Maintain a proper balance between technology and people-skills
  • Rise to the highest levels of individual performance while enabling others to attain peak team performance;
  • Achieve global harmony while supporting cultural traditions;
  • Achieve economic development for everyone while sustaining the earth’s ecosystems.

Maharishi Invincibility School has been designed to prepare students for maximum growth in the direction of becoming such wise leaders, dynamic business owners and managers, and pioneers of the future.

What leadership qualities can be developed at Maharishi Invincibility School?

  • Developing leadership qualities from within—because true leadership comes from within
  • The ability to take right action—this can be achieved when the student is in touch with her-self within, growing in intelligence and creativity each day;
  • Increasing happiness and success in life by not violating nature—it is important for leaders to be shining examples of health, happiness, and success;
  • The ability to create new, to create innovative new pathways to progress, in harmony with everyone else—for someone who is awake inside, anything is possible to achieve;
  • To inspire teams to work together for a shared vision—through all students experiencing within themselves the connectedness of consciousness, that connects each individual—there is a daily balance of inner unity and the endless excitement of new things and all diversity in life;
  • To be able to truly concentrate on new ideas, and then assimilate it, and internalize it to be useful for the betterment of life
  • Maintain a high level of moral and ethical development.

For these leadership qualities to become a living reality, education must actualize the full potential of the most precious resource of the country, the human brain of every citizen.

Research clearly indicates that education today is not realizing this immense potential.

Considering institutions as a whole, students at universities and schools using Consciousness-Based education are found to be distinctly more committed academically, more alert, healthier and more balanced, more self-actualized, more satisfied with their education, more harmonious in their relationships, and more mature in moral judgment, compared to traditional educational approaches.

Amidst worldwide dissatisfaction with education today, Consciousness-Based education has been shown by research and educational outcomes to be highly effective in producing students who are steadily growing in the most cherished qualities of human life and the full expression of their creativity, intelligent, and organizing power.



Lao Tzu



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