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9 Ntemi Piliso Street, Johannesburg, 2001 • Phone: 011 728 0959

Special Unique Features of the
Maharishi Invincibility School of Management

Getting Ready for the Real World

  • Financial Mail, Finance Week, Newspapers available weekly, and used as teaching aids.
  • Getting real-life low-risk experience in a work-place. Maharishi School has simulated bsiness environments, in which work simulations are experienced. Also, your child will have the opportunity of experiencing working in a real call centre
  • A USA-recognised post-high school degree means your child can transfer to a USA campus at any point without difficulty of getting a visa.
  • French and Portuguese will be offered (at an additional fee) for international students from other African countries
  • Additional skills certification offered for school students, learning about Customer Service, computer user certification, touch typing, meeting management, study skills, research skills, etc.
  • Computer and paper-based business simulation games
  • Networking training and opportunities
  • Students wear business attire, rather than school uniforms, ie teach kids to dress for success
  • 7 components related to businesses
  • Active parent involvement in the school through the parents-teachers association.
  • If your kid has a passion for business or entrepreneurship, this is the only school to consider
  • Intensive career guidance
  • We employ a counsellor who is available to any student, parent, or member of staff.

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