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Consciousness-Based Education

Fruit of all Knowledge

What is the Fruit of all Knowledge? It is the ability to live a mistake-free life in higher states of consciousness, daily life in full accordance with all the Laws of Nature, with the spontaneous ability to do everything right and achieve anything. It is the joy of experiencing the fulfillment of all knowledge without having to read and memorize every book in the library.

LibraryFulfillment of the quest for knowledge is the offer of Maharishi Invincibility School of Management; other schools in the world have the ability to constantly increase the thirst for knowledge without ever satisfying it. As the student goes from class to class every year, he knows that he is gaining some new knowledge, but at the end of each year he becomes aware that a greater field of knowledge is lying ahead. In this way, every year the student grows in ignorance more than knowledge. This is the plight of education in the world; that is why there is unrest and frustration in the youth of every country, and the government and the people of every country are dissatisfied with the education in their countries.

Consciousness-Based Education is the supreme fulfillment of education in the world. Its speciality is in offering every student the whole range of pure and applied knowledge through such a skilful system of teaching that the student develops the ability to spontaneously think and act from the field of enlightenment within himself, without the shadow of ignorance in his awareness.

This supreme system of education, applied in the context of today’s science-based education to develop the ‘fruit of all knowledge’—higher states of consciousness and enlightenment in every student—is the fulfillment of the age-long quest of the wise and experienced educators of the world to evolve a perfect system of education that could create a perfect man and a perfect society.

Recent discoveries in Science support this statement from our system of Consciousness-Based education. Physics has discovered that all the laws of nature are located in and emerge from the Unified Field which underlies all of creation. Each student at Maharishi Invincibility School of Management has the direct experience of this Unified Field through his daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, thereby giving each student a solid basis to understand the functioning of any specific law of nature.

Each class at Maharishi Invincibility School of Management examines a specific law of nature and connects it (the specific law) back to the Unified Field and to the direct experience of the student himself.

In short, the knowledge given in any discipline is in the context of Total Knowledge. The process of gaining knowledge is therefore fulfilling at every moment. Because of this fulfilling quality, the learning process is stress-free for the students. And not only is learning stress-free, but it creates waves of joy and waves of fulfillment and every stage and each student enjoys living the fruit of all knowledge in his daily life.

Consciousness-Based education defines the “fruit of all knowledge” as having the ability to know anything and accomplish anything. Because the student is learning to use 100% of his individual potential and his awareness is grounded in the Home of all the Laws of Nature (Unified Field), every action automatically has the full support of total Natural Law.

Therefore, as the students are growing in the direction of Total Knowledge, they are also growing in satisfaction. There is no stress of learning and memorizing which creates a basis for better emotional and physical health as the student proceeds month after month and year after year. Every student of Maharishi Invincibility School of Management will be a joy-promoting member of his family.

Maharishi Invincibility School of Management’s system of Consciousness-Based education eliminates failure. If s student fails it is the system of education that has failed to awaken the infinite inner potential of the student.

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