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Consciousness-Based Education

Science of Creative Intelligence® (SCI)

SCI Curriculum

In your SCI classes, you will learn that the laws of nature guiding evolutionary development in the physical universe are the same laws of nature guiding human growth. You will also learn that the field of pure consciousness you experience as the simplest form of your own awareness during your practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, is the home of all the laws of nature which manage the entire manifest universe.

Through SCI, knowledge becomes practical, a living reality, not only on the thinking level, but on all levels of life—thinking, feeling, and behavior. You naturally grow in the ability to think deeply, and therefore feel fulfilled in spite of the explosion of information in the world--because you own the essence of knowledge within yourself and can simply and completely connect all fields of life.

SCI Charts

SCI is integrated into each subject by the “Main Point and SCI Point” charts used with each lesson. Accompanying each main point of a lesson is an SCI point that draws your attention to a universal principle of the particular topic being studied. Your own charts, projects, and art work literally cover the classroom walls, creating a constant flow of knowledge.

The Science of Creative Intelligence is enjoyable because it includes the study of universal principles common to all disciplines—how each discipline emerges and diversifies from its basis in this unified field, and how this unified field is identified with your consciousness. You will be able to relate these universal principles to your own family life, to society and the world. You will also study the expressions of creative intelligence in the different traditions and cultures of the world, and in the arts and in modern science, thus gaining a broad and integrated perspective of the world in which you live. By making knowledge more relevant to your life, the process of learning becomes more effortless and fulfilling.

You will excel academically because, as a result of your TM practice, you will have broader comprehension and deeper experience of the functioning of Natural Law both within and around them.

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