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Consciousness-Based Education

Offering Total Knowledge to Every Student

Maharishi Invincibility School of Management’s cutting-edge, state-of-the-art curriculum, is based upon the most advanced scientific knowledge of our age: the discovery of the Unified Field. It delivers Total Knowledge to every student, and promotes total brain functioning—enlightenment—full development of mind, body and behavior.

The Unified Field, or “superstring field,” is the dynamical origin of all the laws of nature—the field of Total Natural Law. All the laws of physics, chemistry, physiology, etc., can be systematically derived from the Unified Field and its associated equations. The Unified Field thereby constitutes the long-sought, mathematically rigorous, inter-disciplinary foundation for all the sciences, and for the whole field of academic study.

Maharishi Invincibility School of Management will offer every student the most advanced scientific knowledge of the Unified Field. Every student will thereby become established in the foundation of knowledge—gaining Total Knowledge in seed form—while progressing in his specialized field. Without such knowledge, the entire field of education is essentially baseless.

Equally important, students will gain direct experience of the Unified Field, utilizing the most advanced, scientifically proven educational technologies—the Transcendental Meditation® programme and advanced techniques. Research has shown that this comprehensive approach of knowledge and experience promotes the integrated functioning of the brain, leading to markedly increased intelligence (IQ), creativity, and academic performance, and the development of full human potential in higher states of consciousness—the ability to know anything and achieve anything.

Every student will grow towards their full development and blossom into enlightened leaders equipped with the most advanced scientific knowledge and proven, practical programs to prevent problems in all areas of society thereby creating a peaceful, prosperous, invincible nation. This is leadership training for the 21st century.

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