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Extra-Mural and Co-curricular Facilities

Extra-Curricular Activities are offered after the completion of the daily academic programme. Our learners are encouraged to participate in the various codes of sport for which coaching is provided by our trained staff. Our school teams are entered into leagues for the following codes of sport: Cricket, Mini Cricket, Soccer, Mini Soccer, Netball, Mini Netball, Athletics, Cross Country, and Chess.

Paid Activities (including private coaching) are offered after school hours on the school premises at very reasonable rates. These include several of the activities above, including: Karate, Ballet, Music, Monkey sport, Decoupage, IntroGolf.


Currently the following sports and clubs are offered at Maharishi Invincibility School of Management: Soccer (boys & girls), Basketball, Tennis, Netball, Cricket (boys & girls), Athletics, and Swimming (not on our premises).

However, the School aims to offer all of the following clubs and activities within a short time:

Ayurvedic natural cooking classes
Birthday celebrations
Campus beautification
Computer programming club
Debating and Toastmasters club
Drama and theatre production
Hip hop & Kwaito
Indoor free time
Indoor golf

Karate Pelati’s
Library and book clubs
Management and Entrepreneurs club
Mathematics and Science club
Perceptual games
Pool and snooker
Reflexology and many more….
Stock exchange club
Story telling
Table tennis
Tai Chi
Weekly exhibitions and displays

Our spacious facilities, have been designed for ease of learning. We have bright, well equipped classrooms with easy access to the technology centre, computer centre, and indoor recreation facilities.

We are building an excellent library, an internet media centre, fully equipped computer centre, spacious auditorium and administrative offices.

Our school uses a learner-centred approach with a well-structured programme of daily routines designed to foster feelings of security and well-being in every young person, and strengthen their learning abilities.

Our beautiful facilities allow a wide variety of activities to be effectively supervised, whilst giving the student a sense of freedom to explore and grow in both mind and body.

Our qualified, caring, experienced staff prepares learners for formal schooling with a wide range of activities designed to balance all the growth areas - emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical. Class sizes are small. The daily routines are carefully planned and regarded as important parts of the learning process.

At least two educational outings are arranged each term, plus entertainment. Parents’ educational events are also arranged and all parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Teachers attend conferences, workshops and seminars to keep abreast with new global trends in education.

Activities Include:

Whatever the topic discussed or activity engaged in, our curriculum is designed to introduce even the youngest learner to the basic skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of the three learning programmes, literacy, numeracy and life skills

Afternoon Activities:

For working parents, Maharishi School provides a safe place for your child to remain until late each afternoon, until parents are able to collect their child.

Private Coaching is available after school hours at very reasonable rates, for mathematics, science, business subjects, English, and other languages.

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