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Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

Maharishi School (through our holding trust) owns a truly magnificent 4 000 hectare Nature Reserve only one and a half hours from our Johannesburg city centre campus. Adventure excursions and certain class curriculum per year will be held for all students in our nature reserve.

This beautiful game reserve is teeming with 1 000 animals, including Zebras, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Impala, Springbok, and many, many more. There are over 280 bird species in the reserve. In addition, there is a whole new species of dung beetle not found anywhere else in the world. The reserve is very safe, thankfully absent of larger predators, and students will be able to walk freely in nature amongst the incredible diversity of life, and create the greatest leadership experiences of their lifetimes, with their friends, under the watchful supervision of our expert trackers.

Every student in the Maharishi Invincibility School of Management will have the incredible, lifetime experiences of having leadership lessons in nature as part of their integrated school curriculum, forging friendships and inner growth opportunities that will transform their character, to be more in tune with nature, alive, happy, brave, and full as a human being.

This is real education. Education in Africa. Education as it really should be.

  • Your child will get the opportunity to experience profound leadership development experiences, building lifelong friendships, and deep inner confidence through forest academies at the Maharishi School facilities at Ezemvelo private game reserve. Ezemvelo means ‘A Return to Nature’ and even more meaningfully a return to Natural Law.
  • Sharing this several times per year with class-mates will be an experience that will bring school education to life, and fill your child with passion and interest, which will be of benefit for the rest of their life.
  • To go to Ezemvelo on each school excursion for classes in nature, will be to embark on a voyage of unexpected discovery. Students will begin a beautiful journey of their own self discovery.
  • This is an experience that will set high standards for growth, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Each experience will be an adventure that will change their paradigm and leave them better equipped for and motivated to live a life never thought possible.

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